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With so many celebrities choosing waist trainers to get the tummies flat and waists in shape, is it any surprise these easy to wear gadgets are taking the exercise world by storm? But do you know how to use a waist trainer while exercising, to maximize your benefit and get that tiny, nipped-in waist?

Here are some top tips to using a waist trainer while exercising.

  1. Quality rules: Before you start using your waist trainer, make sure you have bought a quality trainer. Good quality means strong materials, double stitching for security and very importantly, strong hooks! Choose a trainer that has enough space between the rows to give you a wide range of sizing. If the hooks are too close together, you won’t get very far. By choosing a high-quality brand, your waist trainer will last longer and won’t irritate your skin. Remember, if you’re using it to exercise in, it needs to be durable.
  2. Weight and strength, not cardio: Waist trainers are most effective when they are used during weight and strength training. They help you maintain a strong posture, which helps you do more and better reps, and helps you burn more calories. Do not use it while doing your cardio routine! Because the waist trainer is designed to restrict and contain, it makes it more difficult to breathe deeply during cardio, which can lead to dizziness and even heart problems. For cardio, keep your clothes loose. But for strength and weights, the waist trainer is your friend.
  3. Tight but comfortable: Most people who start using waist trainers will use the first row of hooks for the first few sessions. As you get used to it, and start seeing the benefits, you can start tightening. Always go as tight as you can while still feeling comfortable. If you feel too restricted or short of breath, then loosen it one row at a time until you feel it is tight but comfortable.
  4. Don’t sweat it: While you might be tempted to wear it under your shirt, it is far better to wear a waist trainer over your shirt. The extra layer of fabric helps to wick away sweat, which is a good thing with waist trainers. Because they are made of very dense fabric, waist trainers don’t breathe, which means all that sweat builds up and can lead to chafing, rashes and even acne – and that means no showing off your tiny new waist!
  5. Eight hours max!: Do not wear the waist trainer for more than eight hours a day. This can cause long-term damage, and it can even have the opposite effect. If you wear it for a few hours, it helps you strengthen, but if you wear it too long, your muscles get lazy, which means all that hard work is for nothing.

Always listen to your body when exercising with a weight trainer. If you start to feel short of breath, dizzy, or too hot, consider loosening or removing it. Also remember to stay thoroughly hydrated, as waist trainers make you sweat out a lot of water and electrolytes. And don’t forget, before starting to use your waist trainer, to consult with your doctor to make sure it’s the right thing for you.

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