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For most ladies, wearing a comfortable and lovely summer dress under a hot sunny day is a crucial element on affecting one’s temperamental mood. Being feminine and cool, summer dresses are the perfect items of clothing for an overseas holiday which is also suitable if you are attending a summer barbecue or a beer party.

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Many different styles of summer dresses are available. You should be able to find one that best suits your body shape and personal style. Lots of great vibrant colors and floral prints are there for you to choose, and all of them look just as fantastic under the sun. To begin with, you should start by knowing the key styles of summer dresses.

When you are choosing a summer dress, remember to take note on its fabric. You are advised to go with something light and airy. Summer dresses can be short and sexy. It is an excellent way to keep you cool and it itself is cool too.

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Dresses can be maxi, strapless and strapped.


Being casual, stylish, sexy and comfortable, maxis are the most popular styles of summer dresses. Ideal for traveling and beach walking, maxi dresses look great in floral patterns and solid white cotton or black coupled with white graphics. It gives a practical and fashionable look that is perfect for everyday wear. There are so many choices of maxi dresses that you can select. All you may need to do is to blend or “maxi dress” it up with bright colors and patterns that best match your personal style.

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Strapped Dresses

Most summer dresses usually have narrow straps or thin spaghetti straps that finish on or above the knee with an a-line shape. This helps to give a feminine and flattering look for most body shapes while keeping you cool, unlike a more en suite style. Dresses with wide straps can help you hide your bra straps from view which is suitable for busty figures.

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Strapless Dresses

Strapless dress is an adorable and feminine choice of summer dress that helps to show off your sexy shoulders. While this style may make you look stunning, there are also many potential pitfalls that come with this one. To go well with strapless, you should ideally have a swan’s neck and a pair of graceful arms. You may need a low-key chest that can run for a bus without causing a stir. You should have slight shoulders and not those of ice-hockey players, and elegant wrists. If you decide to go for a strapless dress, please be advised to wear a good strapless bra. A convertible bra should work well under a strapless dress and will give you enough support. Strapless formal dresses are usually fitted from the bust to the waist, thus you can consider wearing a body skimmer or any other shape-wear to make your body look slim. And, to further ensure that your bra can always stay in place, consider pinning the bra to your dress to tie it up a bit more.

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