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Bodycon dresses are very popular among the modern women nowadays. These dresses are worn to show off the self-esteem and confidence on one’s body. These dresses are called by a lot of name like bandage, body conscious dresses etc.

There are a lot of designs of bodycon dresses for women that can be worn on different occasions like parties, corporate meetings and family gatherings. They are generally made with stretchable fiber so that all the curves on the body can be flaunted easily.

People think that being so tight will make them uncomfortable to wear but the thing is that these are super comfortable to wear if the fabric is right. To ensure high quality bodycon dresses, you can visit the website of Waist Shaper Co. These websites have a vast variety of different products in different sizes. They also offer bodycon dresses wholesale which you can easily avail.

Design trends

The following are some of the most famous trends in bodycon dresses

Off Shoulder Bodycon Dresses

One of the most popular designs of bodycon dresses is this one. This design is worn by a lot of celebrities every year on big red carpet events. This has led to its popularity worldwide. This dress is made out of stretchable fibers.

Stretchable Bodycon dress

This design is popular among working women all around the world. These are completely body tight dresses that are made out of high quality and highly stretchable material. They portray every curve of a women’s body and are a symbol of their confidence on their body fitness.

Long sleeves bodycon dresses

Bodycon dresses with long sleeves are gaining popularity nowadays. These dresses have all the design aesthetics of a normal bodycon dress and the only additional feature is the long sleeves. They provide a fresh new look to whoever wears them and will surely be a head turner when you go out.


Midi bodycon dresses

These are iconic short dresses worn by pop-stars and celebrities regularly. They are perfect for any type of party and will surely make people notice you. Just like every other bodycon dress, they compliment female body properly and gracefully.

Short sequin bodycon dresses

These types of bodycon dresses are very popular among teenage girls and young adults. These are short dresses that are perfect for parties and specially prom nights. These are comfortable to wear and they go very well with high heels of matching shades.


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