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When you are busy cultivating a small human, you will feel that you are experiencing a tough endurance challenge. Whether you are suddenly tossing and turning at night, experiencing persistent low back pain or leg pain, or irritating itching in your abdomen, you can easily find some much needed relief along the Google Cave. However, it is difficult to sort out all the pregnancy equipment there and try to determine if it is a gimmick or worth investing. To help me, no matter how stupid or looking they seem, I will collect products worth buying. It turns out that some of these strange devices are a bit awesome.


Of course, it is worth noting that no pregnancy is the same, so for a pregnant mother, it may not be necessary for the next pregnant mother. Comparing pregnancy records with other women who have undergone pregnancy surgery is actually very attractive. For me, the pregnancy project I can’t live without is a full-length body pillow. Putting your legs on it is the only way I can sleep comfortably. It occupies a lot of space in my already crowded Brooklyn bedroom, but it’s worth it. It’s totally worth it.

So if you need some relief, here are six things that might make your pregnancy experience easier to manage – because 40 weeks (giving or taking) is a long time. In addition, all of these items can be used after delivery during the postpartum/breastfeeding phase, so you really feel that your money is worth it.

1.Maternity Belt / Belly Band

Whether you are experiencing lumbar pain or pelvic pain, or just feel that your abdomen can use more support, the abdomen can be a lifeguard. I like this for Pretty See because it can also be used as a body shaper in the postpartum phase.

2.Maternity Bra

Your stomach is not the only thing that expands during pregnancy. Yes, your chest may also need some “maternity dress”. Maternal bras tend to be softer and more supportive than regular bras, although they may also obviously not fit. I like this product from Gratlin because it not only looks stylish, but it can also be used as a nursing bra when the baby arrives (although it depends on the size of the breast when your milk enters).

3.Water Bottle

My OB has been telling me about moisturizing, hydrating, moisturizing, but this is a real challenge, try to drink as much as possible (10 cups! Gulp!). Injecting water with water, vegetables and herbs is a way to change the rules of the game. This cool infusion bottle from Bevgo even includes a hydration tracker to help you achieve your goals. In addition, it is great for helping you stay hydrated during breastfeeding.

4.Body Pillow

As I mentioned before, I swear with my Snoogle body pillow. It wraps around your abdomen and is easily caught between your legs, so you don’t have to toss and try to find a comfortable position. I also use it for breastfeeding support, so it gets a double job score.

5.Maternity jeans

A pair of good maternity jeans are worth using. I like this Levi Strauss skinny jeans because denim is super elastic and comfortable, but they still look stylish but not like “mother” pants. They can also be worn after delivery, because, hey, who doesn’t Like a flexible belt?

6. Belly Oil

Whether you are dealing with itchy abdomen or trying to resist stretch marks, this kind of body oil from Hatch is everything. It contains nutritious botanical ingredients that feel like a treat.

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