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Wearing it for your body shape is very important and looks good. However, if belly or belly fat bloat becomes a problem, there are ways to help you hide it. Voonik and fashion designer Reynu Taandon’s chief stylist Bhavya Chawla listed ways to hide your belly fat:

* Apply a dark or busy print on the upper body. This will help you look slim and hide your belly fat.

* Avoid wearing bright, bright colors on the upper body.

* Avoid wearing too tight or too loose cloth in the upper body. A cloth that is too tight will accentuate your stomach. If you wear it too loosely, your body will look like it has no shape. So try to wear a medium sized cloth.

Jeans, pants, light yellow or skirt, suitable for middle age. Wear them around the navel. This helps to hide the belly.

If you wear a shirt, then the body suit is your best choice. This gives you a stylish look.

* Girls tend to buy smaller-sized clothes, thinking that it will make them look slimmer. Instead, it will highlight your stomach and make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, the size of the body shaping device should be larger.

* When buying underwear, be sure to buy mid-rise panties. Avoid low or high.

* Choose high opening and choose kurtis. This helps to hide the belly.

* Layering is a good way to hide belly fat. This divides your body into three parts that help to look slimmer. For example, wear a contrasting color jacket on your kurti. But the kurta should be a different color and the button should remain open.

* Makeup and big earrings and neck, you can attract the attention of others, people will not notice your belly fat.

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