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On Saturday, Denise Richards married his boyfriend Aaron Phypers in Malibu, just a few days after the engagement. This means they need someone to piece together the perfect dress in a few hours! ET spoke with costume designer Mark Zunino, who told us how he managed to help the 47-year-old actress look amazing and said, “I am willing!”

It all started when Zunino received a call on Thursday (September 6th) and learned that the event planner’s client had just been engaged and wanted to get married in two days – so she desperately needed a piece of clothing!

“There is a 24-hour turnaround and there is no time to let go,” he explained. “Dennis’s calm personality gives a feeling of confidence, which immediately disappears in my team. They will do anything for their loved and respected customers.”

Richards and Zunino finally chose a high and low white dress with a lace strapless short jumpsuit and tulle skirt. However, it all starts with the casual concept of a movie star to adapt to a casual and important environment.

“When I met Denise and Aaron, she had a few photos of the dress I was interested in, but there was one special consideration. It was a short jumpsuit (real romper shorts, not a mini dress) , Italian laser cut 3D floral pattern, silk illusion, nude handmade beadwork. The problem is that it takes 3-4 weeks to get this fabric from Europe, at least a week of labor, three seamstress work around the clock.”

“I mentioned it to Denise,” Zunino continued. “It’s possible for her to try my original runway sample. It’s brand new and only worn for five minutes when the fashion show debuted, but the custom model size is very We put it on Denise. Aaron’s eyes lit up. Denise smiled and said, “That’s it! ”

Zunino didn’t have much time to do some final touches on his dress to ensure the appearance of the real housewife of the new owner of Beredly Hillsstar, and the wedding went smoothly.

“Denise is very beautiful, and simplicity is best for her,” he said. “We decided to add some silk flower scatter on the outer layer of layered silk organza. I hand painted light white flowers mixed with silk flowers for a delicate, romantic look. Denise and Aaron are very relaxed, easygoing, really sweet. Casual beauty of the jumpsuit

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