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In Antwerp, fashion designer Charlotte De Geyter and painter Ben Sledsens created their own dream world.

Artist Ben Sledsens and fashion designer Charlotte De Geyter met three years ago, both of whom are students at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Since then, the couple has become almost inseparable – their work shares inspiration and sensitivity, and is increasingly intertwined. De Geyter opened a small studio in a shared, airy shared apartment in the Harmonie community in Antwerp. Only a few buildings are studios painted by Sledsens.

Arriving at his work area meant driving an outdoor passage, packed with building materials, climbing an uneven staircase leading to a well-lit space filled with the artist’s studio logo – the shelves were full of monograms, one on the floor The color dotted with Jackson Pollock also has a table with paint on it, which may be its own combination. However, the scene stealer is a portrait of a young blonde woman sitting in front of the window at night. The still life arrangement occupies the foreground, but the focus of the picture is undoubtedly the blonde, whose quiet gaze and relaxed hand position are charged by the neon green dress. This painting depicts the woman sitting on the sofa in the room a few feet away. This similarity is incredible until this piece of clothing, De Geyter designed and dressed on this gray Saturday afternoon.

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