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On the same day, the Wall Street Journal published two articles on commercial dress. Both claim to provide advice.

One is “Please, the world man, put on your shirt.” It urges men to dress more neatly. The other is “the new rebellious power suit for women.” It challenges women to wear gorgeous costumes. “There is a man’s attitude on one hand.”

Now, any kind of ‘tude – not to mention “persistence to people” – seems to be detrimental to the rise of traditional business. So how does the Wall Street Journal solve problems by providing masculine style pointers that are good for their careers and the opposite women?

There are hardly any Crusades in the Middle East than in the fight against fashion criticism, because they wear women in ways that are contrary to their own interests. Often, I don’t mind those articles that discourage delicate appearances, thinking that a woman who has fallen for these things is no longer able to move forward in a company she does not own.

But what hurts me is that the quality of the guidance provided is severely unequal, one after another. The rebellious suit is not a news report about the weird fashions that marched on the runway. This is a serious opinion pretending to be a business dress.

As the female article suggests, is it a good idea to put on the office’s “queer mismatch”? A famous designer pointed out, “Cut the sleeves of a suit jacket into cloak-like wings.” A famous designer came up with it, what could be the problem?

For some reason, the author Hayley Phelan mentioned the #MeToo movement as a power converter to prove that the strange office got up, which didn’t surprise me. They can obviously include a “corset” cut from a men’s suit fabric. The bodice is a slim underwear designed to push the bust.

This close-up photo is a model in a wild “Golden Corduroy Ensemble” with exaggerated lapels and wide-leg pants. (They forgot the red nose.) She sat cross-legged on the table, so we also saw her black stockings and smashed hand-tip shoes with ankle straps. ICYMI, the ankle with high heels is not about strength, but imprisonment.

There is no telegram in the man’s work – your personality. Its unmistakable information is what your inner self needs to include.

David Coggins, a men’s clothing and etiquette expert, was quoted as a straightforward one to tell people who don’t wear shirts at work. “You don’t look so elegant, you look like Sunday afternoon, you Living in dirty or living, you are still in college.”

In contrast, female works ridicule those who wear traditional costumes. They don’t have enough confidence to “challenge gender norms,” so we read, so they try to “comply with some preconceived ideas.”

For the fashion world, the previously custom-made women’s business suits had to die because they kept their style year after year. But it is not true that they hide women in them. Katharine Hepburn is traditionally tailored for temptation.

Sisters, wear what you want, but don’t think that the tailor rebellion in the office will attract more things. When it comes to most fashion advice, even in commercial publications, you know that women are taking advantage of short-term appeal.

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