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The new mother Vogue Williams’s bold leotard at the London Fashion Week party looks incredible

Two weeks after giving birth, most of us were trapped in our PJ sofa, just holding it together – but not the amazing Vogue Williams. No, the beautiful TV presenter and the wife of Chelsea’s star Spencer Matthews have appeared on the London party track in chic clothing. And we know that her sleep was deprived because the star wrote about her tough new night on her Instagram page – so Vogue’s latest fashion look is even more amazing.

The model took part in the Revlon x Adwoa Aboah London Fashion Week party at the Jack Solomons Club in Soho, London on Tuesday night to see her dress! Vogue wears a transparent black bodysuit called Bec + Bridge for a retail price of £160, paired with elegant black pants. She is wearing a tights with a love mesh fabric and a cool shoulder strap that looks great overall.

Vogue clearly lacks a “mother’s belly”, thanks in part to the exercise program she maintains during pregnancy (probably her lucky model genetics). The star kept on her Barre training while she was expecting and doing intense boxing training.

Speaking of her pregnancy training, Vogue told HELLO! “This is definitely helpful. 100%. People tell me that childbirth is like a marathon, because I have been training throughout the pregnancy, I think it gives me extra energy.” In her little baby belly On, she said: “I think it is really just a collision, and weighing nine pounds, he is a very large baby.”

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